mardi 27 décembre 2016

lundi 19 décembre 2016

Updated Characters

-Parok Ossère Orgal

-Sakura Farina Nösse

Daniel Alann Ram

Tima Kloöl

Shara Voskostri

Shaun Vanon

Stormy Jannada Maya Jones

Mike Borkoma

dimanche 18 décembre 2016

Kloha quality

Kloha quality
A family of Klohas.
Feeling treated, the female is raising her rost to prepare a strike.
The massive male in the background noticed the intruder, you.

The female is 9 meters tall and 30 meters long.
The baby is 3 meters tall

The male is a massive 12 meters tall for 37 meters long, a massive specimen.

The Kloha uses their rost to injured their preys, impaled small victimes and their toungue the a mouth with stretch to the prey to eat the flesh on the rost or directly on the prey.

The Kloha have a powerful potent venom, one which creates bubbles of flesh and cause the muscles to become dense, causing spams and paralysis.

The massive tail of the Klohas is very hard and it is also a weapon to keep an eye on.

Klohas can live up to 500 years and more, reaching sexual maturity at 12 years old.

jeudi 15 décembre 2016

Kloha 3D model

9 meters high/ 30 meters long

After a lot of time, I end up making this guy.
He looks bulkier, the feet are also a different color.
I will make a more dynamic pose.

mardi 6 décembre 2016

Change of title: Narstak Covenant

In the last years, I played on the words Assault and terror for the title of the first tome of Narstak.
But now, I found it, the appropriate name.
I realised it after having clearify my plot and the «how to be» of this plot.
And then, I came up with: Covenant.

A covenant is: a formal agreement.

dimanche 4 décembre 2016


Difference between male and female (the colored one is the male)

Many member of the Terroctopoda family (plus schema in the corner of the species)

vendredi 25 novembre 2016

Concept artefact

Inspiré de Majora masque sur certains points.
Au centre du front se trouve un joyau précieux.

mercredi 23 novembre 2016


The Ekimorams are an advanced race capable of space travel.
Measuring 197 centimeters long, most of their body lenght is due to the 4 tails which seve as pseudo legs to walk upward with their horn pointing up.
The Ekimorams evolved from creatures living in swamps and jungle-like areas.
They use their tentacules to manipulate objects and their crafting skills are impressive.

Most Ekimorams uses exosuit or levitation seat while away from their habitat.

dimanche 20 novembre 2016

Some drawings

 Serena Solonna Rose/ Belle-Des-Yeux/ Marinda Florisse
Sakura Farina Nösse/ Captain Dalann Pellemans (croquis)/ Venator (croquis)

vendredi 11 novembre 2016

Le Malheur de Nim Animatique

Animatique pour le projet de pre-production.
Nim est le protagoniste. Suivant certaines circonstance, tel que le fait que cela est de la préproduction, il est remplacé pour l'instant par le mannequin de test.

L'animatique fut fait dans UNREAL ENGINE.

jeudi 20 octobre 2016

Deadspace like ambiance project

Powered by Unreal 4




Émilie Ouellette

Mathieu Desmeules

Fred-Isaac Pierre

Vincent Pellemans (me)

vendredi 23 septembre 2016

Concept of an old temple

Built on a small plateau, flowers bloom where a 100 meters tall temple dominated the fjord bellow.
A decaying statue of a former gardian is watching over the old temple. Blue banners dance with the wing singing.
The white shadow is the actual gardian, a satyr. 2,1 meters tall.
Bellow is my atroshious first try.

mardi 20 septembre 2016

The dream I had in the morning of the 20th of september 2016

I dreamed last night of something powerful and beautiful.
I dreamed of giant trees, one of which had a garden under its roots. Apples, Oranges, grapes, Dragon hearts. The wind kissed my skin and the light embraced my mind.
It was such a good dream.

dimanche 18 septembre 2016

H-69 or Hentai handgun


The origines of the name Hentai for this gun remain uncertain...
The handgun is officially called the H-69 Handgun...
Oh. That's why.

Nevermind that.
The H-69 handgun is a powerful handgun designed for combat and defense.
600 grams.
They have 24 rounds in one charger.
One property of the H-69 handgun is the high velocity of its bullet, specially with the long barrel version. It can break with ease the average personnal energy shield like it was nothing.
The short barrel version does also the job.
The security is located to the rear of the gun and under the handle.

mardi 13 septembre 2016


Après plusieurs essais, j'ai finalement réussi à avoir une bonne image d'un skybox via l'utilisation de la simulation SpaceEngine. Cela est fait dans le cadre d'un cours.

samedi 10 septembre 2016

Mighty Malodontes in a grassland

A squad of three Malodontes in patrol in the grassland.
Over 16 meters high, those monsters of mechanical engineering are powerful warmachine.
Some show off can raise the legs and make it reach a impressive 25 meters high (but that's show off and less stable).
Let's just say that this thing is bigger than your home (except if you live in a mansion)

It is the biggest bipedal walker of the MUHS ever. There are bigger walker, but they have a few more limbs. Malodontes are also quick, reaching easly 50 km/h and having the ability to walk way faster than that.

Those this thing can trip? Unlikely, as a levitation system lighten the weight of the beast and would slow the fall or simply help the beast to push back its head.
To enter, a very long ladder need to be deploy from the rear.

The cockpit has a giant shield that be wearoff, as the one in the front does.
The malodonte has a control room where the pilot is located, which is in line with the back room where the doors are located. Between those two rooms, a short corridor lead to a room a both sides of the Malodonte.
It is not rare to see people living in civilian Malodontes, like some hippies in caravan.
But here, we have strong warrior version.
And they have energy shield generator.

Do I need to say more? They are epic!

jeudi 1 septembre 2016

Gun concepts and Evangilion T-44

Massive looking, the Evangilion is a powerful swordgun. Double barrel, rotative charger, large sword with quality sharpness, the Evangilion is manly used as guards weapon or as front charge tool.
The sword itself is pretty light, having only a weight of 800 grams. The hole weapons is only 4,5 kilos and most of the weight is close to the handle.

Some show off their skills by using two Evangilion gunsword at the same time, one in each hand (which is demand a great strengh and endurance).
Otherwise, the weapon can be handle by anyone (though, you have to know how to use the sword part efficiently, as noobs have been known to sometimes forget where the blade is... and stroke with the bottom.)

mardi 30 août 2016

Trying to draw ok

Well, I do have some issues with my style...
It surely hurts, but I have to work hard.

I made some tests to check if I can draw.
Sure, I can.
But the first thing is that: those are more cartoon style and this is not the style I want.
But I can do that at least... It is actually relaxing.

I have to find ways to draw smoother. It takes me 4 times to make some traits.
Plus, I have to practice the shades and lights.
The humans are something I want to improove.

My actual goal: make Sakimichan style art.
Current status: As better in drawing as her when she was in High school...

I have my weakness, but I do have strong points.

Daniel Alann Ram (2016-08-30)

Daniel Alann Ram
1.95 m
Commander Minora
Leader of the Nova Squad

lundi 15 août 2016


Völ, 10 meters tall Massacrer. It is the 'son' of a great Horronum entity call Rasselokum.
It has a great power and its design reflect its origines from an other age.