dimanche 27 décembre 2015

vendredi 25 décembre 2015

PTERA FIGHTER final design

 The Ptera fighter is a MUHS bomber made by Red Forges Industries, the same people who make the Dart fighter. The Ptera is a approximatly 60 meters long and is available in many variants.
It can carry with ease around 50 people, with a minimal crew of one with I.A. in assitance.
-40 passengers
-2 pilots
-1 flight captain (and master of the bombing)
-2 control logistic personal members (and gunners)
-4 other logistic crew members (and gunners)
-1 informatic and information crew member
-1 Dart pilot
-1 or 2 toilet seats (who can appreciate this at least).

 One of the logistic and control post/ gunners. The Dart pilot seat is at the end. (below)
The actual command bridge (below)
When landed, the main access is under the bridge nose.

 The Ptera can be loaded and carry great amount of bombs. One large rear trap door can be use for other purposes, like carrying a Dart fighter, or for a large retractable gun.
The Dart, smallest fighter in use by the MUHS during the 42th century, is 5.9 meters long.
The front pales are cooling system. Called the "feathers", they rise to cool down the engines of the Ptera. In space, they are usually full opened, but in atmospheric environment, they can't open as much. The pales are also used as magnetic guides for magnetise missiles.
 One great aspect of the Ptera is its ability to make stable stationary flight.
 So, even if it is a very large vehicle, it's great stability and manoeuvrability allow it to take off verticaly. A hexagonal hangar is usually the best place to landed those big birds.
 In service since almost three centuries, even though the models are replaced and repeared, the Ptera are always a very appreciated bomber and small flying fortress of the MUHS.
Great for high command control post, bombing operations, spying mission, etc.

jeudi 24 décembre 2015

Dart_fighter updated

The Dart Fighter

Smallest fighter in use in the MUHS in the 42th century, the Dart is a fast and agile space/aerial vehicle. With a lenght of 5.9 meters long, the pilot will generally feel the "nervosity" of the Dart.

Older versions were exclusive to space battles, but a redesign made it more aerodynamic.
The front has four canons includ in the fuselage and eletromagnetic pulse can be lauch to paralyse little targets.

The Dart is so little that it can be carry around in some gunship and bomber, like the Ptera, as a "personal gardian" for "when you meet your lucky day".

The Dart possessed no shield, even though it does have some resistance to light  and medium power hit. The nano-tec included in the circuits can repair temporaly light damages.

The color apply to the Dart may generally refer to its division, although many Dart had been left without a proper paint, but a Dart is traditionnaly named and decorated, so it is no surprise that you can find some original names like:
-Darldo (play on words with dildo)
-X-Wing junior
-"Can't have sex in it"
-"Sweet little hit in your mouth"
-"The most beautiful fart" (because this one was a Dart present aboard a Ptera and when released they said the Ptera has poop... Yeah... Grown men named that thing...)
-Excalibur (at least one knows how to make things sound cool)

And then... you have this...
-Lieutenant Penis... (Really... REALLY!)

Despite the numerous and "original" names given to the Dart fighters, this little guy it one great engine with a seat to out manoeuver many fighters, and even some of the most efficient of the Nirs burstam Morimu!

Note from creator:
The design of the Dart has been inspired by some design seen before by other artist, and also by the mecha from Neon-Genesis-Evangelion. While the design may not seem to be comparable, it is mostly an "influence" than a direct inspiration.

jeudi 17 décembre 2015

Epic arrival

So, for a school work/project, I had to put myself in a nice scenery.

It worked out well.

samedi 12 décembre 2015

Ptera_fighter developement

PTERA FIGHTER (Bomber/ Flying forteress)
Build to carry many bombs and able to transport 30 people, with 15 crew members at max, the Ptera is a highly powerful flying vehicle able of great destruction.

Its turrets (5) have a great precision accuracy and have a major fire rate of plasma and standard bullet.The bomber is mainly purpose for destruction on ground or big target, like ships. In space, the missile have to be guided.

The Ptera can also carry a little fighter called DART fighter. It is the smallest fighter in use by the MUHS in the 42th century.

Dart fighter
The Dart fighter is 5 meters long. In proportion to its size, its engines are very powerful. The multithrusters allow great and quick movements.
Even though it is able to fly in atmospheric environment, the Dart is purposed for space battle.
One major thing is that the Dart is not really areodynamic...
The Dart can be placed inside some bigger vehicle, like the Ptera. The Dart is the smallest fighter of the MUHS during the 42th century.

vendredi 11 décembre 2015

Went wild... With anime.

 Aidan (Faces of Shadows)



 Tima Kloöl
 Parok Ossère Orgale
Shara Voskostri
                                                                  Shaun Vanon (young)

 Stormy Jannader Maya Jones                                                        Mike Borkoma

 Sakura Akaira Miyata


Laura Ozéla


 And yes, I tried a girl version of myself, based on a little of my own sister.