jeudi 28 janvier 2016

Game concept development idea.

This is a concept of living stones for a concept of game I was thinking about.
The little round stone is the most basic, followed by the triangular shaped one, then the one in the upper left corner, then the one in the middle and the last to the further right.

Rex Saxa, god of Earth, is too old and is falling in pieces. It awakes ancient souls to take his place, summoned in ancient rocks with runes on it.
The rocks destroys each other, absorb their ennemy components and evolve to a higher level of power.

May sound like a bunch of already existing game, but the gameplay would occured in a 3D environment, in forests, mountains, with great scenery. Yeah. That could be nice.

vendredi 22 janvier 2016

Obsolete mecha warehouse

This old mecha is similar to  massive type of Massacrer's machine. But, this colony found a way to harvest power from the core of this giant.
Even though, this has the power of destroying cities, the menacing shadows from its corpse may just effraid the little children.

mercredi 20 janvier 2016

Massacrer Gatherer


This is a Massacrer Gatherer. It has two cages on the sides of its rear. This machine captured beings for analysing or simply to release them at high altitudes to a deadly fall.
Those machines also transport Throaters to defend them when they crash.
Gatherers cause a lot of trouble to infantery, but they are weaker (though not defenseless) against heavier assets of war.

mardi 19 janvier 2016

Malodontes in action with me for reference

With four Malodontes and their crews, I was walking.
With four malodontes, I was so happy to be alive.
In a malodonte, I returned home, with the biggest smile, because I was in control of 17meters of pure power.
In a malodonte, I was destruction walking where life thrives.
In a malodonte, I was.

Malodonte with texture

 Malodonte: 17 meters high when in walk.
Two main canon, two secondary heavy canons, three heavy batteries, two rocket launchers.
Autonomy: two months when Jimmy un plogs it to recharge his Ipod... I was at 10% damnit!

The Malodonte is the heaviest and biggest bipedal walker of the MUHS and one of the biggest amongst the total armada of the Nirs burstam Morimu.

lundi 18 janvier 2016


 17 meters high
The Malodonte is the biggest bipedal mecha.
The Malodonte is a very powerful mecha.
Biggest bipedal vehicle of the MUHS, it is a great asset on the battlefield.
It's shielding and magnectic shield make it more though than it already look.

dimanche 17 janvier 2016

Foronne and Shownigon

Foronne civilian with basic outfit

Shownigon. They don't wear a lot and sometimes nothing at all, except a few belts with pockets.

Life stealing weapon

I tried a topic and I ended up with this.
I don't think I am happy about it, but I had 30 minutes.
It has a good symbolic about violence stealing life, but I still think I could have done more, better, even more simple.

samedi 16 janvier 2016

Lady of hate

So, little challenge send by a group of graphic artists. Under 30 minutes, make something with one of the topics. I had chosen lady of hate.

jeudi 14 janvier 2016

samedi 9 janvier 2016

Espadon Fighters Assault

«Espadon fighters Assault»
Espadon fighters during a exercice around Earth.

Malodonte concept

So, I had fun using my little pen and my phone.
I used an application with horrible drawing tools to make something kind of cool.
Very easy when you have a art diploma...
Madödonte (or Mad mastodonte) is the biggest bipedal vehicle of the MUHS.
Measuring between 10 and 15 meters high, this powerful walker inspired fear in ennemy minds (and probably even in robots), while being a formidable hope bringer to anyone.
The Madödonte is armed with massive canons which require to the machine to even deploy a «third leg» (or the resting pad) to avoid falling on his ass. But, it does have thrusters to compensate recoil.
Powerful energy shield also protect the Madödonte from attacks. Speed isn't the key to pass the shield. You have to destroy it or else it will do just that to you... and I'm not an expert on yourself but I'm sure you don't own one energy shield... *Except some...

Torrye Shuttle CK-03

MUHS flying vehicle Torrye shuttle CK-03 is a powerful transport shuttle for civilian purposes and military usage too.
Able to carry 60 passengers and even more in combat mod, it can make jump with his little slip space drive engine.
The Torrye shuttle is not a ship, at some extend.

The Torrye has powerful engines and a leviation system that allow this massive beast to fly with ease.
six electro-magnetic thruster (which the name do not really mean how they actually works) could lift a Torrye even if it was 20 times heavier than it is (which is useful on worlds with heavier gravity, but the humans couldn't handle 20G anyway...

Many had personalized their pretty Torrye and flames are awesome.

vendredi 8 janvier 2016

Quick Photoshop of Torrye CK-03



Can transport more than 60 passengers.
Levitation system allow great deal of movements.
Two main turrets on the basic model.

The Torrye has very powerful engines made for long travel and can make slip space jumps. So, travelling between the moon and earth for example can take less than 15 minutes (time to exit Earth atmosphere include) and less than 30 minutes to reach Mars.

Used by civilians, it is also a great military asset when equip with massive canons.
The Torrye has a long history of technological development and (while not being the most nice looking) it does has a charm.