dimanche 15 février 2015

Anassian wearing armor

The Anassians are a mighty and powerful race from Phonnannop. Their civilization is old and their technology evolve slower than most of the other species. But because of their long history, they achieve high technological state around 3,6 million years B.C.

Even if the Anassians are known to have the ability of efficient space travel around 3,3 million years B.C., they never explore the outside of their home system, Narsarus. Also, some of the worlds where easy to terraform and one of Phonnannop's moon was already a garden of life.

3.1 million years B.C., the ancestors of the Dolforufus found the Narsarus's system. They realised that the system was richer than any other system in many ways and the Anassian's civilization owned many devices and technologies far in advance over theirs.
The ancestors of the Dolforufus decided to take over Phonnannop and the little colonial posts in the system. At first, the Anassians were surprised and not in position to fight back in space or even offer help to their outposts. But Phonnannop was strong and a war of millenias occured.

One day, the people of a legendary city and the queen died after an massive assault from Dolforufus ancestors and also by the crash of one of their major warship.
This event made the Anassians more than angry. The rage of the old civilization push foward the construction of their first real and strong battle cruiser. the crashed warship helped to make progress.

The first little fleet was way outnumbered by the fleet of assault warships, but those new Anassian's battle cruisers were more elegently made and full of devices which make them far more superior. Those ships push back the fleet around Phonnannop, which gave time to construct an other wave of battle cruisers to defend Phonnannop.

After a thousand years, Dolforufus ancestors loose their final fight in the battle of rages.
The Anassians could have kill all of their formal ennemies, but they decided a different fate.
The Anassians had forgiven the Dolforufus for their blindness and offer them to become their allie.

Then, they created the Nirs Burstam Morimu, Union of the Empires.
Afters 3 million years of existence, the Union saw more than a thousand species come and go.
In 3924, humans received the privilege of being part of the Union.

Anassians are still the most important race of the Nirs Burstam Morimu. Even after all that history, they know how to bring history into a favorable destiny, for them and their allies (or former ennemies).

jeudi 12 février 2015

The Power Riffle is a great assault rifle which is supposed to be a spiritual descendant of the CR-21 South African and the Zm8, even though they are far to look similar to the PR-430 because of the 2000 years between their respective creations.

This weapon is highly multi tasking. It can be modified to the best configuration. Some warriors dare to bring all the gears of the PR-430 «just in case».

1) Standart version
2) Beam of death
3) Heavy assault
4) Anti-army variant

These are just a few of the variants. It is officially tell in the catalogues of the MUHS army that the PR-430 can have over 430 variants...

Daniel Alann Ram

Daniel Alann Ram is 1,95 meters tall.
Born on december 8th 4096.
Resident of RedRock, New Zealand.