vendredi 29 juillet 2016

Mérom (2016 update)

 The Mérom is a creature of Phonnannop. A powerful carnivore.
Related to the Kloha as member of the Circulumcaputsuum sub-class, the Mérom is the biggest carnivorous land animal on Phonnannop.
Reaching a lenght of 45 meters long, the Mérom is a monster of muscles and power.
Its jaws have two extra articulations further and a strong flower-like mouth is in its mouth, as any member of the Maxillagerminaret sub-division.

Rotative claws are present on its clogs, used to rip the flesh of the massive preys and also to be used as a tool.
the Mérom open the different ''levels' of jaws depending of the size of the prey. The jaws can hold fermly the massive prey.
the tail is large and helps the Mérom to swim fast, as it is not so uncommun to see the massive monster resting in swamps, lakes, rivers and other water sources.

Like many members of the Titanferox family, the remains of other legs exist as small arms and secondary tails.

mercredi 27 juillet 2016

Stormy in layers

Stormy Jannada Maya Jones.
Youngest of the Nova squad, I offer you a strip tease.
 Without the Kama, life can be more flexible.

 And you got to the titties part! Congrats!

 With more seriousness, this is more about an anatomical analyse, as some great artist of the Renaissance did, as Michealangelo.
Sure, this look like a self fan art of my characters. But, I don't get excited over a simple naked body.

But remember, she had pretty eyes.

Kloha reborn

After many years, I explored again one of my favorite creature that I had conceived.
Odd looking in the first place, the Kloha has passed through many redesign.
A 30 meters long creature which would reck even our biggest dinosaurs.

A) The first version was really bizarre. The front was a close circle that couldn't be broken without breaking the animal.
This would have made no sense.

B) The second was close of this one, but had toes like dinosaurs. It wasn't fitting with the ecosystem this creature live in, specially concidering it share the same clade as Anassians.
The Rost had only a example of extension in a painting that had many strange position for the tail, as if it had no bones.

And now...

C) So, for this final version, I thought that the ancestors of the Kloha had their fingers and toes unified. Those big claws make a more crual looking.
The Rost as I called it is a powerful weapon. Very powerful and heavy, the Kloha has not a lot of nerve there and the teeth replace themselve rapidly. The massive toungue is similar to other creatures of the same the clad.
Now that it is done, I have such a great joy to see a satisfying design.

lundi 25 juillet 2016

Marinda Florisse

I do believe I am not satisfied by the doll face...
Either way, I will make a better version.

She is Daniel Alann Ram's wife. She is a great artist (painter).

dimanche 24 juillet 2016

vendredi 22 juillet 2016

A question of character's uniqueness

I realised that some of my characters had a problem: they were too generic.
Here are some concepts

First, the ex-mercenary, Mike Borkoma.
Mike is sure nice looking, but there was something missing to him.
Until today (July 22th)
Bioluminescent tatoos.
But while in mission, he cover those with a special make up to avoid disconfort with his helmet'visor.

Daniel Alann Ram: you got vitiligo now
Vitiligo is a skin condition which makes white spot appear on the skin.
Daniel was already not a great fan of sun bath, so it does work already for him.
Adding a little characteristic makes him more easy to recongnize and will add something to the character.
But I have to make sure this is noticed by the new enconters he makes.

Those concept will be apply. I just need to remake the illustrations of both of them.

mercredi 20 juillet 2016


 The Angerbrood is a massive tank-like machine with medium armor.
4,5 meters long, this machine is patrolling and engaged on the battlefields.

Do not let its bulky look fool you; the Angerbrood is capable of great sprint and the machine doesn't get tired as quickly as a living being.

The two main canons on its front fire concussion plasma projectiles. A lighter canon under its head can turn for less energy demanding killing.
Some units are equiped with canons on their behind, but it seems that they usually don't.

No matter what, they are a more easy to deploy «heavy unit» than an usual large Tarasque-type.


Little, fast, really annoying

The Retarded is (somehow) one great nuissance.
Not seen during the major battles, they are release in groups to distract, hurt and mess with the ennemy.

1,2 meter high (4 feet), This machine has two little arms with sharp blades and 4 canons on their «chest», which fire high velocity bullets and plasma.
If the situation doesn't allow the Retarded to go back, mainly if trap by the ennemy, the Retarded will charge the closest or biggest group and explode.

The Retarded is a cheap model for the Horronum faction.
But as any Massacrer, they are demons in the shadows

Turned off

lundi 18 juillet 2016


Malodonte: 17 meters high when in walk.
Two main canon, two secondary heavy canons, three heavy batteries, two rocket launchers.
Autonomy: two months when Jimmy un plogs it to recharge his Ipod... I was at 10% damnit!

The Malodonte is the heaviest and biggest bipedal walker of the MUHS and one of the biggest amongst the total armada of the Nirs burstam Morimu.