dimanche 29 novembre 2015

Work still in progress: Ptera Fighter

Forronne quality image

The Forronnes are a species part of the Nirs burstam Morimu. Their technology is closely similar to human's tech. Both species keep a good relation in trading and military support.
Forronnes are amphibious-like. Their bipedal posture is due to the need for their ancestors to see above the plants in the swamps their ancestors use to live in. Their skin is now thicker and they are in average 1,8 meters (6 feet) tall to 1.9 meters tall.
The 4 protuberances stick to their head are call «longes». It is a major sensorial organe for them and commun to many species of their homeworld.
Males have 4 longes, while females own 3 only, one larger in the middle.

dimanche 22 novembre 2015

Rendering of a scene: 4-5 hours for this?


After a 4-5 hours rendering session, I optain those guys (4 hours for day and 5 hours for...)

So yeah... There is something I'm doing wrong. I really should learn how to master the render passes, otherwise, I will never be able to do anything in the future! Imagine my final projects! It could be a mess...
Fortunatly, I learn. I am removing at this moment the white flowers (which look like ugly ice flakes.)

mercredi 18 novembre 2015

dimanche 15 novembre 2015

Dark Arrow 3D prototype

Dark Arrow ship: 3D modeling by Vincent Pellemans

First vehicle which is technicly fonctionnal with interiors and spaces for engines. Pilot seats and ramps to enter (even though the ramps are poorly design as you would need to crawl for someone 1.8 meters in height (or 6 feet).

samedi 14 novembre 2015

All Jackanass Races

Jackanasses are a strong species, composed of many races. There are officially 11 main races, but mixing rise the numbers.
Aaron is the name of their home world. They own many colonies.
Jackanass are interresting biologicly speaking as the rest of their world.
As races of Jackanass could almost be concidered their own species, many animals on Aaron have many members with great different skills. There are even cases of creatures so physicly different it is disturbing.
In the past, there were even more races. Some modern races are the mix of ancient ones.
Niers are the most balance of all races for intellectual, strenght and social skills with non-Jackanass folks.
The Niers are the ones who united the many races of Aaron under a more united banner, even though some races do have short temper.
Jackanass can walk on all four or in a more bipedal way. Some races are more at ease on all four, while some can cassually live rise up without any disconfort.
But with arms so long, it's natural for them to walk like gorillas.

Clothing isn't a major aspect of their society, because of their fur. They also have those «shields» on their heads, except for the Sogs, a race deprived of such a thing.

Jackanass society is very tribal, but major cities with wise individuals exist on Jackanass home world and on all colonies. All races have their potentials, even the little and «not always the smartest» irionols.
Even the biggest Jackanass, the Nors, can be playful and peaceful. Their great strenght make them great warriors, while Dracass and Niers are great engineers and scientifics.

dimanche 8 novembre 2015

Planets for children

Planet Hexag (hexagone)
Desert-ish planet, many oasis are present to make it feel more confortable and bring some majesty to it. Great rocks make the place feel more confortable with the flowers between them.
Some area are more dry up and the kid with have to find its way.
Hexagonal formation (similar to the strange formations in Ireland) will sometimes rise and go down, creating new path or blocking some passages.

Planet of grass and ice.
This world is made to feel good in it, like when you cross a beautiful grassland with moutains in the horizon. The concept is that the kid would have to find pieces for ships (with color marking.)
Auroras are showned in the poles and the dark side, making this beautiful and enjoyable for kids even in the darkness. also, it makes it less scary to be in the dark, even though a light blue hue will light up the dark side.
Mountains and great ark of rocks are the major land marks, plus a big snowman.