mercredi 29 octobre 2014

Halloween costumes...

Animal battle

Interaction between two species from different world is prohibited by the Union of the Empires. Such interaction can cause major injuries to one or both creatures and also be call animal crualty by the sens that both were never meant to met.
This is specially true for animal battles, which occur in some places with the help of the black market.

There are different categories of fighters:
>A class: Massive animal. Colossal and big, strong, powerful, they make the biggest shows and are the most profitable for owners.
>B class: Rogue, strong energic, like bears and lions for example.
>C class: Minus rogue, agile, claws and teeth and else, like dogs and hyenas
>D class: small animal, more like cat-size
>E class: little animals, rat-size
>F class: Smalest animal to fight, most of them are the size of insect like arachnid and insects.

Sometimes, fight can occur between animals from different class if their natural weapon is deadlier than expected.

samedi 18 octobre 2014

mardi 14 octobre 2014

World of Titans = Lames des Montagnes

Blades of the mountains happens during the 7th Era of the Age of Kingdoms. World of Titans occurs during the 11th Era of the same Age.

But, after thinking, it could been better if World of Titans occured in on Gamlémor instead of Earth.

That has more sense for me, Vincent Pellemans, as I want to make the story connectable and also add solide base to why does happen.

mardi 7 octobre 2014

Nice work for school.

So yeah... We had an evaluation... While others were figuring out how to transform this group of pictures into a night view, I was finishing this nice pic.