mardi 30 août 2016

Trying to draw ok

Well, I do have some issues with my style...
It surely hurts, but I have to work hard.

I made some tests to check if I can draw.
Sure, I can.
But the first thing is that: those are more cartoon style and this is not the style I want.
But I can do that at least... It is actually relaxing.

I have to find ways to draw smoother. It takes me 4 times to make some traits.
Plus, I have to practice the shades and lights.
The humans are something I want to improove.

My actual goal: make Sakimichan style art.
Current status: As better in drawing as her when she was in High school...

I have my weakness, but I do have strong points.

Daniel Alann Ram (2016-08-30)

Daniel Alann Ram
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Commander Minora
Leader of the Nova Squad

lundi 15 août 2016


Völ, 10 meters tall Massacrer. It is the 'son' of a great Horronum entity call Rasselokum.
It has a great power and its design reflect its origines from an other age.

jeudi 11 août 2016

Water temple

This great water temple has waterfalls as walls.
This gigantic structure has survived the ages, but will it still?

mercredi 10 août 2016

lundi 8 août 2016

Tomohawk update 08 08 2016

 All I need now are the textures.
Will I do the interior?
Well... the interior has been done, but there is nothing, like no chairs, furniture, equipment, nada...
But I did thought about it.

mercredi 3 août 2016

Progress august 8th 2016 Tomohawk fighter

It looks better than before.
Need to add the texture and finish the landing feet.
Need also to make the interior, something that I struggle with.