mardi 24 janvier 2017

Dart T-14 Lightfighter

The Dart t-14 lightfighter is the smallest MUHS space fighter, being only 9 meters long according to official records.
Standart weaponery is 8 JV missiles and 32 gunbarrels.
Despite is spaceready capabilities, the Dart isn't the best fighter. Its shields are surprisingly strong, but the force of impact of many anti-aircraft gun will put in pieces the lightfighter.
The Dart is capable of overing in atmosphere and is very agile. Max speed in atmosphere is mach 2.
Fast and great agility.
The Dart is member of the Swordfighters family.

Civilian variants are available and many civilians on some colonies use the civilian Dart as an every day car to go to work. A strange variant, the LongDart, have a additionnal seat and allow two people to have a romantic trip, a nice day with a daugther/son, or simply flying low to piss that one guy who bullied you at school.
That last one = a 10500 credits fine.

lundi 16 janvier 2017

Orrak (female)

The Orrak is a large herbivore from Phonnannop. It uses its lower jaws equiped with two bucal fingers to cut large nurishing roots from massive trees.
The beast is around 30 meters long.
The male is larger, having a horn instead of a frontal mass, having a stronger back, and has a different tail,containing the genitals.

lundi 9 janvier 2017

Koda the bear cub

Named after Koda from Brother Bear (disney)

The color of the mouth was slightly challenging for me, because I'm colorblind, but I just pick the color of my ref imagine and it turned out right.

This little ball of joy is adorable.

mardi 3 janvier 2017

Sword in stone

On the base of the piedetal is written: «Je suis d'un autre temps»

A tomb is covered by the Shield of Power

On Akaäghnir blade is written the following words in french
Face 1: Akaaghnir Clef de la vie & mort divine
De leurs Acts immondes je ne peux pardonner les sacrilèges qu'ils aient commis sous le royaume des dieux & il m'incombe de mettre fin l'existense hérétique

Face 2: Akaaghnir Grand Boureau des pêcheurs
Ma rage sera éternelle dans les entrailles de mes antagonique Adversaires auxquels aucune action ne peut leur permettre la rédemption de leurs cœurs