mardi 24 janvier 2017

Dart T-14 Lightfighter

The Dart t-14 lightfighter is the smallest MUHS space fighter, being only 9 meters long according to official records.
Standart weaponery is 8 JV missiles and 32 gunbarrels.
Despite is spaceready capabilities, the Dart isn't the best fighter. Its shields are surprisingly strong, but the force of impact of many anti-aircraft gun will put in pieces the lightfighter.
The Dart is capable of overing in atmosphere and is very agile. Max speed in atmosphere is mach 2.
Fast and great agility.
The Dart is member of the Swordfighters family.

Civilian variants are available and many civilians on some colonies use the civilian Dart as an every day car to go to work. A strange variant, the LongDart, have a additionnal seat and allow two people to have a romantic trip, a nice day with a daugther/son, or simply flying low to piss that one guy who bullied you at school.
That last one = a 10500 credits fine.

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