dimanche 30 avril 2017

Request by Antoine de Repentigny
This is a major upgraded compared to the previous version. Still have some issues here and there with the render, but the result is nice.

But then came some modifications later I here is an updated version.

samedi 29 avril 2017

Size comparaison: mechas and other legged machines

Cathedral MKII Rex WIP progress april 29th

What's left to make?
-Interior (everything)
-Small propos (everything you see here is probably bigger than you... The thing is 42 meters tall!
-Texture (so many pieces...)
-Some elements need work
-Rigging (so many pieces...)
-Some sexy picture in the end for the portfolio.

Also, this thing is no longer called MALODONTE REX.
It actually is more fitted to be called the Cathedral.

samedi 1 avril 2017

Unknown paradise

Migration of a MUHS fleet out of a world. In their exit, they fall upon a paradise, disturbed by the mass of those ironclad-class ships.

This illustration was relaxing to make. Those clouds are one of my best clouds I ever draw.
The ships are an after-thought.

Malodonte MKII (REX) concept art