vendredi 29 août 2014

samedi 23 août 2014

Great event! All sagas have their first face!

After many years, I have finally made a face for all the stories I use to make.

I am Vincent Pellemans. I want to tell you that after making this, I feel even more proud of myself, but also of my stories.

Narstak is late on the schedule, because of personnal affaires and also because I have to make many modifications. It is hard to remake a chapter and make sure the whole thing is still coherent.

Thank you, people, to watch my work and support me. You have the write to comment. It's appreciated.

Page couverture pour Les Lames des Montagnes

mercredi 13 août 2014

lundi 4 août 2014

Bad mind...

So, there are dirty minds around. The symbol of Narstak is said to be phallic, the symbole of Les Lames des Montagnes is yonic, and the one of Faces of Shadows is ass pooping up...

(Slow claps)

Now, we all can't unseen this shameful view. Why I post that you say?
Well... Is it fun sometimes to laugh of himself?
Please, those symbol never intend to be related to that.

samedi 2 août 2014

Fog upon us...

 «My way to be? I have none...»
 «I always love lakes. They hide mysteries...»

 «Even when the sun rises, darkness is standing as the king...»
 «Father never looked the same after...»
 «Hundreds of them... Hundreds of them are looking at me...»
 «I had to say, am I the monster, or just one in many?»
 «Man kind never really asked...»
«I thought water was life... once...»

«If I was you, I would have chosen the easiest destiny... death...»