mardi 16 janvier 2018

Assaulter Assaden Bakom Sacli Mochaale

Assaulter Assaden Bakom Sacli Mochaãle class cruiser.
4,9 km (main body)
8000 light canons
505 heavy turrets
4 large AMS canons
1 glassing ventral canon.

One of the most ancient and line of battle ready spaceships of the Anassians Armada, the first version of this ship, built 3,2 million years ago, was only 800 meters long (main body).
*The white shape is the size of this first version to scale, and a reference for the top view shape.
Human engineer don't agree to call it just a "similar version".

Large hangar bay contain around 250 light crafts.

Orange is the color of war for the Anassian.

vendredi 12 janvier 2018

"Children are told about the trolls. Some are happy little creatures. Though, many fear them... They can be anything: the mountain, the rock over there, the tree beside your window... But this... This thing will smile, run, ram anything without stopping, and catch you. It doesn't want to kill you first, as he plays with you. Some were unlucky with the Troll, but others had a quicker death. I wonder where are the gentle trolls some told me about, but I fear they might hide for some good reason..."

From the deep woods of Norway, a troll hunts humans. Millenias of feeding on the helpless, it leaves where the sun never shine. And when it does, it hide in the forest...
Javelins, arrows and brocken swords of many centuries are covering its skin like a collection.
Its monstruous and skeletic form helps it hiding in amoung the trees and rocks.
It may look heavy and unbalanced, but it can run like a demon.
The Norse gods may be dead, but this thing won't even die.

dimanche 8 octobre 2017

Project Alpha V

 Daemonium Titanis

 Kloha Imperium

 Megacarnaris Ursusuchus

 Megaranea Interfectorem

 Mors Anguis

 Terratitan Monsviventem

Triraptor Longacrura