dimanche 30 août 2015

Crôromer class: also know as Anassian Cruiser

The Crôromer is a cruiser type of the Anassian catalogue.
7,2 or 7,5 km long.

Polyvalent ship, it is a good choice for many planetary missions.
The Crôromers have large corridors, to dissipate at possible any clotrophobic effect.
The ship can divided itself in very particular cases, but it is rare and not recommended.

A super-cruiser is also never far away...

samedi 29 août 2015

Vehicle design test

Vehicle test. I will work on the concept to improve some flaws of the first design. I will also make different view angles.

dimanche 23 août 2015

Wakant: a complexe anatomy

The Wakant is a bipedal creature which possessed the biggest brain in in all the Nirs burstam Morimu. They are the most intelligent, but some other species of non bipedal creatures have higher IQ at some point.
They have to destroy their food and feed it to the mouth under the long head. Their back is full of spikes to protect their blind spot. They have big plates on the sides of their massive head, which serves to hear. They have the best hearing, but also the most efficient, as they can block some sounds that could break them. They are strong and fast.
They have 10 eyes, and 8 of them are at the end of their long «neck». The last 2 are closer of the boddy and on the sides. The angle of vision of the Wakant is 310 degres.
The Wakants are a important member of the Nirs burstam Morimu. Capable warriors, great intellectuals and engineers, artists, and more. They are not as old as some other species, but they stand besides many since a long time.
The species don't really evolve because they are full adaptable already and it is illegal for them to reproduce with individuals who have disfonctions in their genetic codes. Though, they still have genectic variaty in their populations, populations which inhabite 234 colonies + homeworld. Their total number is uncertain due to secret, but it is estimated that they reach 83 billon souls.