dimanche 8 novembre 2015

Planets for children

Planet Hexag (hexagone)
Desert-ish planet, many oasis are present to make it feel more confortable and bring some majesty to it. Great rocks make the place feel more confortable with the flowers between them.
Some area are more dry up and the kid with have to find its way.
Hexagonal formation (similar to the strange formations in Ireland) will sometimes rise and go down, creating new path or blocking some passages.

Planet of grass and ice.
This world is made to feel good in it, like when you cross a beautiful grassland with moutains in the horizon. The concept is that the kid would have to find pieces for ships (with color marking.)
Auroras are showned in the poles and the dark side, making this beautiful and enjoyable for kids even in the darkness. also, it makes it less scary to be in the dark, even though a light blue hue will light up the dark side.
Mountains and great ark of rocks are the major land marks, plus a big snowman.

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