vendredi 29 juillet 2016

Mérom (2016 update)

 The Mérom is a creature of Phonnannop. A powerful carnivore.
Related to the Kloha as member of the Circulumcaputsuum sub-class, the Mérom is the biggest carnivorous land animal on Phonnannop.
Reaching a lenght of 45 meters long, the Mérom is a monster of muscles and power.
Its jaws have two extra articulations further and a strong flower-like mouth is in its mouth, as any member of the Maxillagerminaret sub-division.

Rotative claws are present on its clogs, used to rip the flesh of the massive preys and also to be used as a tool.
the Mérom open the different ''levels' of jaws depending of the size of the prey. The jaws can hold fermly the massive prey.
the tail is large and helps the Mérom to swim fast, as it is not so uncommun to see the massive monster resting in swamps, lakes, rivers and other water sources.

Like many members of the Titanferox family, the remains of other legs exist as small arms and secondary tails.

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