mercredi 27 juillet 2016

Kloha reborn

After many years, I explored again one of my favorite creature that I had conceived.
Odd looking in the first place, the Kloha has passed through many redesign.
A 30 meters long creature which would reck even our biggest dinosaurs.

A) The first version was really bizarre. The front was a close circle that couldn't be broken without breaking the animal.
This would have made no sense.

B) The second was close of this one, but had toes like dinosaurs. It wasn't fitting with the ecosystem this creature live in, specially concidering it share the same clade as Anassians.
The Rost had only a example of extension in a painting that had many strange position for the tail, as if it had no bones.

And now...

C) So, for this final version, I thought that the ancestors of the Kloha had their fingers and toes unified. Those big claws make a more crual looking.
The Rost as I called it is a powerful weapon. Very powerful and heavy, the Kloha has not a lot of nerve there and the teeth replace themselve rapidly. The massive toungue is similar to other creatures of the same the clad.
Now that it is done, I have such a great joy to see a satisfying design.

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