samedi 9 janvier 2016

Malodonte concept

So, I had fun using my little pen and my phone.
I used an application with horrible drawing tools to make something kind of cool.
Very easy when you have a art diploma...
Madödonte (or Mad mastodonte) is the biggest bipedal vehicle of the MUHS.
Measuring between 10 and 15 meters high, this powerful walker inspired fear in ennemy minds (and probably even in robots), while being a formidable hope bringer to anyone.
The Madödonte is armed with massive canons which require to the machine to even deploy a «third leg» (or the resting pad) to avoid falling on his ass. But, it does have thrusters to compensate recoil.
Powerful energy shield also protect the Madödonte from attacks. Speed isn't the key to pass the shield. You have to destroy it or else it will do just that to you... and I'm not an expert on yourself but I'm sure you don't own one energy shield... *Except some...

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