jeudi 24 décembre 2015

Dart_fighter updated

The Dart Fighter

Smallest fighter in use in the MUHS in the 42th century, the Dart is a fast and agile space/aerial vehicle. With a lenght of 5.9 meters long, the pilot will generally feel the "nervosity" of the Dart.

Older versions were exclusive to space battles, but a redesign made it more aerodynamic.
The front has four canons includ in the fuselage and eletromagnetic pulse can be lauch to paralyse little targets.

The Dart is so little that it can be carry around in some gunship and bomber, like the Ptera, as a "personal gardian" for "when you meet your lucky day".

The Dart possessed no shield, even though it does have some resistance to light  and medium power hit. The nano-tec included in the circuits can repair temporaly light damages.

The color apply to the Dart may generally refer to its division, although many Dart had been left without a proper paint, but a Dart is traditionnaly named and decorated, so it is no surprise that you can find some original names like:
-Darldo (play on words with dildo)
-X-Wing junior
-"Can't have sex in it"
-"Sweet little hit in your mouth"
-"The most beautiful fart" (because this one was a Dart present aboard a Ptera and when released they said the Ptera has poop... Yeah... Grown men named that thing...)
-Excalibur (at least one knows how to make things sound cool)

And then... you have this...
-Lieutenant Penis... (Really... REALLY!)

Despite the numerous and "original" names given to the Dart fighters, this little guy it one great engine with a seat to out manoeuver many fighters, and even some of the most efficient of the Nirs burstam Morimu!

Note from creator:
The design of the Dart has been inspired by some design seen before by other artist, and also by the mecha from Neon-Genesis-Evangelion. While the design may not seem to be comparable, it is mostly an "influence" than a direct inspiration.

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