samedi 12 décembre 2015

Ptera_fighter developement

PTERA FIGHTER (Bomber/ Flying forteress)
Build to carry many bombs and able to transport 30 people, with 15 crew members at max, the Ptera is a highly powerful flying vehicle able of great destruction.

Its turrets (5) have a great precision accuracy and have a major fire rate of plasma and standard bullet.The bomber is mainly purpose for destruction on ground or big target, like ships. In space, the missile have to be guided.

The Ptera can also carry a little fighter called DART fighter. It is the smallest fighter in use by the MUHS in the 42th century.

Dart fighter
The Dart fighter is 5 meters long. In proportion to its size, its engines are very powerful. The multithrusters allow great and quick movements.
Even though it is able to fly in atmospheric environment, the Dart is purposed for space battle.
One major thing is that the Dart is not really areodynamic...
The Dart can be placed inside some bigger vehicle, like the Ptera. The Dart is the smallest fighter of the MUHS during the 42th century.

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