dimanche 18 décembre 2016

Kloha quality

Kloha quality
A family of Klohas.
Feeling treated, the female is raising her rost to prepare a strike.
The massive male in the background noticed the intruder, you.

The female is 9 meters tall and 30 meters long.
The baby is 3 meters tall

The male is a massive 12 meters tall for 37 meters long, a massive specimen.

The Kloha uses their rost to injured their preys, impaled small victimes and their toungue the a mouth with stretch to the prey to eat the flesh on the rost or directly on the prey.

The Kloha have a powerful potent venom, one which creates bubbles of flesh and cause the muscles to become dense, causing spams and paralysis.

The massive tail of the Klohas is very hard and it is also a weapon to keep an eye on.

Klohas can live up to 500 years and more, reaching sexual maturity at 12 years old.

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