samedi 10 septembre 2016

Mighty Malodontes in a grassland

A squad of three Malodontes in patrol in the grassland.
Over 16 meters high, those monsters of mechanical engineering are powerful warmachine.
Some show off can raise the legs and make it reach a impressive 25 meters high (but that's show off and less stable).
Let's just say that this thing is bigger than your home (except if you live in a mansion)

It is the biggest bipedal walker of the MUHS ever. There are bigger walker, but they have a few more limbs. Malodontes are also quick, reaching easly 50 km/h and having the ability to walk way faster than that.

Those this thing can trip? Unlikely, as a levitation system lighten the weight of the beast and would slow the fall or simply help the beast to push back its head.
To enter, a very long ladder need to be deploy from the rear.

The cockpit has a giant shield that be wearoff, as the one in the front does.
The malodonte has a control room where the pilot is located, which is in line with the back room where the doors are located. Between those two rooms, a short corridor lead to a room a both sides of the Malodonte.
It is not rare to see people living in civilian Malodontes, like some hippies in caravan.
But here, we have strong warrior version.
And they have energy shield generator.

Do I need to say more? They are epic!

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