dimanche 29 mai 2016

Tomohawk_fighter_work in progress


(written on May 29th)
>Draw has to be made for more coherent design
>Interior to conceptualise
>Landing foot: how to make this thing land as it has a big wing under it?
>Thrusters: there are, but they need to be placed.
>Details: has to be conceptualised.

This model has been made without a plan. I will make myself a plan.

>After, I want to finalise other vehicles: Espadon Emeraude, Torrye shuttle, Ptera_figher_Dart, etc.

The Tomohawk Fighter is a MUHS human fighter use in spacial and atmospheric environment. It has one of the most distinctive silouhette of all the MUHS vehicle catalogue.

The first dynasty of the «Vertical Wings» are traced back as far as the middle of the third millenium. It was mostly use in space and the vertical wings were fixed and the ship wasn't long, but very high.
This has many problem, has the extremitises were victime of greater G forces in turns.

Many centuries later, the Vertical wings become more performant, even though, the traditionnal aerodynamic fighters still own the majority of the vehicle catalogue.

The Tomohawk is the main vertical wing fighter, as it has proove itself very agile and adaptable. It's vertical wings can be put back to the front for less drag and it's rotative side wings allow the fighter to choose between manoeuvrability (as the side wings can point foward) and stability (as the side wings point backward)

The Tomohawk is one amougt many vertical ships, as it is very oftenly seen in escorted of War Axe class ship and War Hammer class ships.

>It is said that this ship also has the ability to go in the water as a boat. It is not false that some old model of Tomohawk had been modified to serve as submarine, specially because of the many wings that can serve as fines.

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