vendredi 20 mai 2016

Zlanner profile

The Zlanners are bipedal being (they sometimes crawl). They have a intern and exo skeleton. This make them very hard to pierce (no test were done to know that, they shared their "own morbid experiments of the bad past"

Zlanners have one of the most efficient muscles amongt all beings known. Their muscles have a resistance to rupture and power greater for the same amount of muscles in an non-zlanner.
They are resistant to comossion and radiation doesn't affect them as badly as others.
They are very light and can make high jumps. Their homeworld having a gravity of 2,3 G, they are very agile in general on a standart 1,1 G environment.

When they speak, echos produce by organes in tubes emit a vibrant and rich sonority.

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