dimanche 8 mai 2016

Anassian_highquality model (Update in general of the design)

"If he points at you like that, run and hide immediatly, because you pissed off a 3,2 meters high beast with a large brain. They are usually pacific, but boy did you f*** up to be in this situation..."

I am very proud of what I made.
This is the best model of an Anassian to date I have created.

4 eyes (two big and two minor behind)
4 arms (strong upper arms and slender arms below)
    > 5 fingers per hand (3 major ones and 2 minors which are pressed against the paum at rest)
4 legs (with keratine like feet they called «pillar»)
6 tubus (that they use to breath)
3 external articulated lobes for their mouth

The Anassians (Anaceice is the name of the female) are being from Phonnannop (their homeworld) and they measure 3,2 meters high (or around 10''10).

Their metabolism is under high pressure because of an efficient and powerful heart assisted also by two other minor hearts (one in the base of the neck and one very little behind the brain).
Even with this high pressure in their veins, they have an large longevity. They can live a millenium, mostly because Anassians work hard to increase their ancestors longetivity of 240 years.

Many of the animals member of the same major evolutionary clade of the Anassians reproduce with a long tail in the case of the males. The male organe of an Anassian is press against a cavity below. The thing has a bone. It has been notice that some Anassians (as other animals of the same clade in the nature) can use their «penis» has a fith leg, The male organ can grow to 1,5 meters and the tip will enflate.
The females (Anaceices) has a organic pocket with organic kevelar-like skin to protect their youngs.
The Anassians tend to have a lot of intercourse with their female. Even if they mate a lot, females can choose when to have Anassous (young Anassians).

While the males are very dark in colors and present a large penis-like member pressed against their bottom, the femalas are more reddish, have longer arms, more slender in appearance and have a smoother bottom. Females are similar in height to the males, though males choose more little Anaceices (not too little, just a little to the male).
Anassians will form a natural bond to their Anaceice that is hardly brocken has they are very faithful.
The Anassians usually wear cloths covered in ornemental symbols and wear large crests on their head. The youngs tend to have the upper body nude.
Anassians are tolerent to their own nudity and do not mind, but it isn't concider classy either. (It would be like not weiring shoes in a city: it is ok, but it isn't classy at many place).

>Overall, Anassians as a creature is very well develop. I wll one day work on other species that are sometimes more simple, but as complexe in back story.

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