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High res map of Gamlémor

Thanks for the instruction of youtuber Kindari and Ascension's atlas style photoshop tutorial.
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Gamlémor is the fourth planet in the Céfaroce system. This world is mysterious and fill with magic and great legends since times forgetten by even the gods and deads.
Many of the creatures dwelling the lands of Gamlémor are not part of the original fauna, which was dominated by an fauna and flora from an other world.

The first humans (and the orcs, elves, dwarves and others to-be) came thousand of hundred of years ago. The dominant specie of the time, the Narrogs, have lead a war against the humans, elves, orcs, dwarves and the others.
The original inhabitant, the Vartarndïrs, now living on the continent of Tarloï, fight on the new comers side.
This first period of human, elves, dwarves and the others history became legend for many.

With time, alliances had brocken. Many races vanished, while some thrived and new races were borned. Humans dominate most of the North hemisphere, while most non-humanoïde share the south.

Dangerous creatures from the original fauna and flora can be found in many places. Animals from a heaven hellish world call «home of men» thrived. Mammoths, saber toothed tigers, great whales and others marine creatures foud their places. The list of species is too long to say, but many intellectual and scientifics quickly realised that Gamlémor is not the original world of many.
And it is true that they are from an other world. A legend about a gate transcending space can be hear time to time, though this door is forever lost, some hope to find the gate and maybe see the world in which humans evolved from.

Gamlémor is made of complex ecosystems and the natural gears in action are making this world a paradise. Gamlémor has many land masses which were named by the first humans, elves, orcs, dwarves and others.

At the bottom of the map, on the left, Lands of Ice. Most live on the North side.

At the bottom, on the right, Lands of Snow, inhabited by dangerous people and creatures.

The main land mass on the North is called Pale. Some parts are clement for settlements and kingdoms existed there.

The biggest of all the land masses, Prossépé, is the groud of many conflicts.
Some major islands are Mördam (between two «arms»), Svem (little and long under the "dog's head") and Solavar (major island on the right of Prossépé, which some concider as a continent.)
Many other major islands are located around, but I won't say more about them.

Under Prossépé, we found Vorro, a very large land mass. It is geoactivity is sometime intense.

Tarloï is directly on the left of Vorro. The original inhabitant of Gamlémor now live there. Before, the Vartarndïrs were everywhere, but the Narrogs (who came a very long time before men, elves, orcs, dwarves and the other) did a lot of dammage.

Finally, Vénéra, to the left of Prossépé and north of Tarloï Vénéra is a very safe continent in comparaison of many, even though the magic there is the most powerful. It is there that the kingdom of Vivatten is located, or as some called it, «the Kingdom with a real heart».
Many lakes can be found in Vénéra and many long mountain chains, while Prossépé has many large «shields».
Many important islands are located around, but for now, I won't say more about them.
Gamlémor has a active core. The tectonic of the continental plates created the shapes of the continents seen today.
Many islands also existed thanks to volcanos rising from the depths.

The geopolitic situation of Gamlémor reach sometimes a global scale. Because nations and the people is aware of the actual geographic situation of Gamlémor, the entier planet is under the borders of a nation. Some disapears with time and new are born, while some are so old that their history is insanely long.

A more zoomed map divided in many pictures will see the day soon.

Gamlémor is too complex to be fully understand in this document. More will come about it. But, you can already check for some beautiful view in the continent of Vivatten

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