vendredi 10 juillet 2015

The eye of a Massac

 A Massac is a massive sphericaloïde structure with a diameter reaching between 10 to 5000 km (5000 is the record)
The structure is mostly hollow. A massive «bubble» (giant control room) containing a master, a Râklonne. Depending of the size, many Râklonne will be part of the same Massac, but that only happen with the most massive.
But the biggest one is own by the mighty Rasseloküm, known as Father. He rules it alone and he is the highest rank in the Massacrer Armada.
The Massac is mostly use as a mother ship or station and has a great fire power. The biggest can also contain many large ships. Those structures sometimes look for metallic planets, so it can grow, like a living organism.
Some accidents report an atmosphere forming around the surface and pressuring the insides of the Massac. The machines mostly prefer to prevent such thing as it makes maintenance more difficult.
The Massacs can also absorb other structures. The dark allow is done by metling the metal obtained and then paint in black with a strange substance.
Active Massac are very dangerous because of the number of machines living inside and also because some parts can change of disposition. Also, a full assault is needed to make «invasion» successful.

The destruction of those structures are a priority for the Nirs burstam Morimu.

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