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The Maronner is a massive human ship under MUHS control.
The destroyer is a Forge of Victories class.

Commissioned in 4095, the 5,5 km long destroyer was completed in 4115. The delay was caused by disturbance around the Marato colony, where many MUHS ships are built.

Tested and verified by the Corps of Naval Regulation (CNR), the Maronner was named after Rannamar Maronner, a famous singer on Gliese-Bella who made many legendary songs.

The Maronner is a super destroyer (officially). It is a big ship, but the MUHS commisions many ships of this size in general. This one destroyer in an armada of 3 million human war ships made itself a reputation after campaign against threats toward peace.
We can also tell that the ship reputation is due in part by its captain: Dalann Pellemans, who took command of the destroyer in 4122.

He says that the destroyer has a soul of its own.

The ship is able of ramming more little ships and destoy them under a massive shock (naturally).
There are a total of 6 large hangars of the sides; 2 under the ships; around 10 on the top, plus a massive landing pad arena (yes, I said arena).



The Landing pad «arena»
View of the command center (the little green light is from there)

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