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Anassian supercruiser Assaulter-Assaden-Sonorack-MaLärack-Parer

The Assaulter-Assaden-Sonorack-MaLärack-Parer, or more known as the Anassian superbattlecruiser, is a force of the Anassian naval corps.
With massive ship is 25,4 kilometers long (approx).

The insides of the massive ship are conceive for their owner, the Anassians, who reach a heigh of 3,2 meters in average. But, they can be way taller than this. The average corridor is 6 meter high.

The Anassians use those massive ship as flag ship in battles, defense breaker, reenforcement, total destruction, gardian, mother ship and the list goes on...
The superbattlecruiser is known also for their massive magnetic shield, one of the strongest in all the Union of the Empires.
Plus, its design is intriging.
The arms is a future found on many other ship class, as the Assaulter-Assaden-Sonorack-Remdom-Parasse/Crorômer, a cruiser.

But one of the major point are the ring heads.
Those giant loops were a choice made by an ancient engineer, who thought that making one massive head would be unhealthy, a lost of time to fill.
The idea is that the already massive ship could have more surfaces, and the idea was so awesome they decided to make a other ring at the end of the ship.
The ring also help to the implementation of powerful acceleration particules generator, which create anti-mater for bombs. The amount stock is always place in the less important part of the ship, the little ring.
The central part contain all the power cells used for propulsion and warp drive/slipspace travel.

Conceived in the first times of the Nirs burstam Morimu, the first version in service was a desaster. major flaws made the ship oversized for the needs of the time, with a self knowledge absence or lack.
But, it is concider a failure mainly because the massive ship has been infected by wildlife from Phonnannop (Anassian's homeworld), mainly plants finding their way in the little gaps.
At the time, Anassians never had to think about how to conceive a massive ship.
They took around a thousand years to finally produce the technology which would help the engineer to build the famous supercruiser.
An intelligent system has been implemented to control the life support system, as plants are always present in the ship.
Why? Because Anassians want this massive ship to have some spaces with little forest like area.

Since then, the superbattlecruiser has been rethink and his modern version is very modular.
None of the less, the superbattlecruiser has not many rivals or even competitors in the ranks of the strongest ship.
Though, it is not the biggest, but it is the biggest ship with large amount of units in service: 5232
Note: The systems where those beast are made almost depleinted the worlds from any metal.

 Interior (some parts, transition corridors between major rooms)

An Anassian in minor armor

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