vendredi 3 avril 2015

The track of my lost light... (Inspired by real story)

Sometimes... Lights have to be followed to find great destiny... But we have to take care of those lights, keeping them safe from any blow that could cold them.

And I lost... In a mist, beyond... the light I always followed. She went in a place where I couldn't go.
Is this a hesitation to just swim in the cold lake without any idea of what is beyond the mist?
I don't know... but I am scared...

In this very world, I look at the light, the one I always loved since the day I saw it, faiting in the horizon.
Desperate to find a boat to track the light again, I have also to fight the demons inside me, so they could not surface by using this situation in their advantage.

But the idea to find a boat is slowly lost, as I saw an other who took the boat. The light I lost sight of for a moment decided to guide someone else instead.
No matter the good will I had... No matter the joy...

And now... I am fixing the horizon... Waiting for the sun to come...
Is there even a sun beyond the mist? Is it?

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