dimanche 3 mai 2015

Flags and symbol in the Human Empire and one other...

 SH (solidarity of humanity)
The Solidarity of humany is the assembly that every humans are under, except the pirates and terrorists.
It regroup all of MUHS controled colonies, all independant colonies and so other possessions, including the Earth and Bagalom, the celestic humans.44 of the major colonies are represented, plus the 2 homeworlds (Earth and Bagalom)

This is the version in use since the 32th century. Still in use during the 42th century.

Old SH flags
This was in use from the 27th to the 31th century.

The old flag was in use during most of human colonisation time.This version why made after a major war. It symbolise the sadness in the past and the glorious time in future events.

MUHS (Military Union of Human Systems)
Founded in the first years of human colonisation outside the solar system, the MUHS (Military Union of Human System) is a major association. It has for purpose to protect, stabilise, secure and help the humans in the SH and their allies of the Nirs burstam Morimu.

The MUHS has a fleet composed of 3,5 million war ships of many sizes.
An average of 3 to 4 billion people are under the service of the MUHS in all the colonies.
This number raised to 6, because the need for personnal and soldiers rises.

CNR (Corps of Naval Regulation)
The Corps of Naval Regulation is an important officice in the human empire.
Its purpose is to regulate, survey, administrate, inspect and repear ships, military or civilian.

The flag represent the 44 main colony around the basic MUHS tag, plus two little stars under, which represents Earth and Bagalom.

HNAC (Human Naval Armada Corps)
The HNAC is the Navy branch of the MUHS.
It is the branch of officers, captain, pilotes and many others.
«If he works in space, he is one of them».

Warrior Corps
The Warrior Corps is the warrior branch of the MUHS.
It is the corps of every warrior, land combattant, and most of the army.

4th Corps
The 4th corps is a secret branch of the MUHS.
Its activities are unknown.

A hate group decided one day to use the SH flag for their own.
This outraged most people...

MOAHE (Movement of Only Acceptance of Human Existence)
Movement of the Only Acceptance of Human Existence

Human terrorist group against other species of the Nirs burstam Morimu or any supporter of the Nirs burstam Morimu.

The Moahe have based their modern (42th century) flag on the SH flag. Many agree that is a very insult to all humans to use a symbol of peace (the tree) for their violent purpose).

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