mardi 1 mars 2016

The pup, the human girl and Nine tails mother

The desire to kill?

Sometimes, the monsters are not what we think they are.

They have motivation.
Hunger, fear... mother's duty.

This illustration has been done with the an old test that I personnaly thought was lost.
Fortunatly, I never put that test away and this gave me a nice idea to work on.
I am proud of myself on this one and the harmony of composition and color is pleasing to my eye.

I could have inverse the illustration to make it more fluid, but I put the creature on the right, to represent the blockade of path they Nine tail impose to the girl.

Then, I realise this empty space.
And then I realised that this creature could have a motivation greater than hunger.
This mother has already eaten.
What impose the anger here is the need to protect her pups.

Mommy has beautiful pups and she doesn't want ANYONE to touch them.
Not even the kindest of humans...
For her, humans are bad.
She knows how terrible they are.
The breath of the mother is burning the air.

She has seen too much to forget.
She doesn't want her little pups to suffer.
But those pups are curious.

The mother doesn't know what to do. The human seems terrified.
The girl cries. She ends up like a ball in the grass.

The mother smells the human.
The human doesn't smell like a devil.
The mother simply watch the human.
The human can't move.
Fear is making the human girl die.
The mother is watching, so are her pups.
One of the pups jump out of its hideout and walk slowly to the girl.

The mother opposes herself against the action of his pup, while the other pup, the smallest and less couragous, stands his ground.
The oldest pup desobey her mother and curiosity bring it to the human girl.
The human seems paralyse and the body of the human is convulsing time to time.
The pup get closer.
The human looks at the pup.
The pup step back.
Then, the pup comes closer, while the mother is watching closely.
The pup can now touch the human.
The human doesn't move. She is still full of fear.
Tears runs over her cheeks.
The pup circle around the human girl.
The human girl is saying words. She repeats them quickly.
The pup touch her with her soft paw.
She licks the human back.
The human stands up of surprise. The pup jump of surprise.
Nine tails mother roars.
The human go back to her ball like position.
The pup looks at the mother and roar to her. Putting herself between her mother and the girl.
The mother looks at her pup and give a little more space... a little.

The girl looks up to the friendly pup.which has actually very cute eyes.
The thing is as big as a tiger. Actually, she realises it is way bigger...
The girl has her cloths in bad conditions.
It is cold.
She is freezing.
The pup is coming closer.
The girl tries to put a hand on the pup. To pet her.
The pup seems surprise, but no effraid this time.
She pets her gently and the pup then press herself against the human girl.
Her fur is soft and warm. Fozy and confortable.
The pup push the human with her tails to just go closer to the hide out.
The human girl look at the scary monster.
The big nine tail mother calms down.

She crawls to towards the rocks where the pup push her.
Then, the pup is lying down.
The human girl is slowly, under the nine tail mother, sitting down before letting herself be surrounded by the big fuzy tails of the pup.
The girl, too tired to stay awake, sleeps... naturally.
The human girl sleeps well against the pup's fur. She seems so peaceful.
The pup hugs the human with her nose and paw.
What a adorable moment...

The pup looks at the human girl... and bite her head off.
It was clean.
It was made with intelligence.
Mommy learned something today... How to deceive...


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