mercredi 25 mars 2015

God of the Libra

Base on the topic of the Zodiac sign Libra (my zodiac sign), I had to create a being inspired by the Libra zodiac. Here is 3 beings I have created which will be related to Les Lames des Montagnes and Faces of Shadows.

 RAND'ANARRI: Beast of balance on lands
The one god beast who protect the balance of nature on the lands. Without any perception of good and evil, it is unique amoung the god beasts. Rand'Anarri can make the balance of life flutuate on one side or an other. Though, the mighty beast may recongnize the chances of the one who have them.

KROKAJ: The demon of faces
With roots as old as the first civilisations, Krokaj is a old god, and one of the most dangerous kinds. Because of its nature to avoid the people in general, it is safe to say no one can meet it, except in some situations...
There are places on Gamlémor where it is said that Krokaj may appear, tall and mighty, using every mask on his arms to manifest his emotions because of his faceless skull.
Krokaj will not speak to a children, never, because the demon concider that no young souls should ever be victim of a terrible fate (this is the only demon to respect such a code of honnor).
 Krokaj will appear to the ones with very heavy criminal past or people who are very important (strangely, some kings were not concider important by him while some poor peasant received all his attention). He will also concider pure souls worthy of discussion.
His low and ancient voice will ask questions of the most fascinating and curious.
>For the gulty ones, he will ask questions of dangers and menaces, and the most sinisters.
>For the pure souls, questions about life and joy and if they have a quest to accomplish.
>For the important souls, questions about philosophy and issues of their kingdoms.
>For the others who can't apply to the three categories, more strange questions...

-If one individual is a gulty soul who deserve a punishement, he will add a permenanent mask that the victim can choose, but this mask is organic and the application is painful. But, if the gulty try to flee, Krokaj will steal the individual face and the victim will have no eyes, no mouth or nose, ears, or anything that allow facial expressions.

-If one individual is a pure soul, he may allow the pure one to know one truth behind the mask of anyone they want.

-If one individual is kind and important his people, Krokaj will show the faces of strengh with all his masks.

-If one individual is not very important, not a bad or pure soul, Krokaj will simply scare the person.

This demon is concider by many as a god, but Krokaj kill anyone who try to worship him. The gods see a pure mind behind it's strange life, but Krokaj is an entity. The most pure of demons.

ZHONAËL: God of choice and balance
Zhonaël is an ancient god which is not as known as the one who toke it's place. Zhonaël is a god who can judge by it's pure mind, as he can't see, hear, or feel. Only pure beeings can communicate with him with direct thoughts. Zhonaël can speak, but he will never talk to someone directly. To judge of something, Zhonaël has to know everything about the issue. Zhonaël is part of Wöldmor's court of justice to judge the souls.
As a god, Zhonaël is very powerful. In one hand, he has a bol of warm soup, which is said to be delightful and tasty. But, in the other hand, the bol is full of a poisonous liquid, which is on fire and anyone who drink this will melt and their soul will be paralyze.

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