jeudi 26 mars 2015

Corridor of an Anassian super cruiser

With their pure and beautiful architecture, the Anassians always try to make the things nice to look at.
Rond shapes, but agressive and predator like, the design has to inspire power, peace, order and purity.

Some species build their space ships with the «make it strong and resistant» philosophy, while make the cosmetic after the construction. Anassians learned during their long history that a good ship is one in which the crew feel like home.

The corridors have sky like projections on the ceilling to diminish the clostrophobic nature of space ships. They also faporise a nice smell of flower and sweet fresh air naturally pass in the corridor for ventilation. Soft light imitating the natural sunshines on the Anassian's home world Phonnannop is also crutial to the feeling of open spaces.

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