samedi 6 décembre 2014

The 3 gardians of the after life.

They roam the realms of the after life, seeking for the evils that might attack the souls and spirits of the good ones. No gods are bad, only the demons who desire to have an army to conqueer the realms of the living and of the death and of the gods.

Demons are evil because they like the suffering. But they do not obtain the souls of death, they just throw them away, not like the gods related to the hells who take care of the souls.

The 3 gardians are silent. They are always together. The black gardian is bless with the power of strengh, the red one is bless with the power of mind, and the white one is bless with the power of justice, truth anf judgement. But he might not be the one to decide the faith of the new foes, only the fugitives...

The cross is a X shape object, which are the only remain of their life before. No one knows what it is on Gamlémor... nor their real origines.

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