mercredi 26 novembre 2014


Daniel Alann Ram is now less miserable than before. The main character of Narstak deserve a wife. The old version was told in a context in which her wife was murder, but I realised that this major cliché would hurt the story and its foundation. Because I still can create the basic lore of my entier story, I bring her back. But, I have to make major modifications.

But, I keep a dead relative in the story, as it keeps the roots intact. I decided to change a few things. The son who was murder while still a fetus was kill by the same guy who killed Daniel's wife in the version I want to get rid off.

This will allow me to limit the modifications.
But also, I realised that some parts are really dumb now and I have to make so many things.
Maybe Narstak won't be my first novel, but it will be one.

Narstak is a powerful story. And even though Daniel's wife only play a very secondary role in the story, it is something I want to make clear and it will be a major thing if I had to make the modification while the first was out.

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