samedi 24 mai 2014


Guys! I am proud of you! I see you are numerous and you are from so many places!

By the way, I am Canadian, born on october 3th in 1994.

I use to be an science-fiction and fantasia author (respectively for Narstak and The Blades of the Mountains). Also, I study in the domaine of 3D modelisation and animation to begin in the video game industrie.

The world is beautiful as I wrote this to you, listening to the birds singing under this nice blue sky those light soft white clouds and smelling the fresh air.

Thanks to share this blogspot if you want to know more about the two incredible and massive stories I created (and I am sure you have no idea of how long I work on Narstak or Les Lames des Montagnes).
The lores of both are gigantic.

Ps: be nice with people like a fairy tale and you could be in a wonderful world...

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