lundi 12 mai 2014

Orrem Mörra: Cursed Giant

Orrem Mörra is a Korr, or man of conviction, who lived in the south east of Mör's Territory, in the Nokéra village. He met the cursing dark mage, Maria Lora, who looked at the time like a nice old lady mage. By tricking Orrem in the «construction» of a bloomed tree, open like a flower, Maria Lora transform the young man into a 160 meters giant, something that is too big to be a natural giant, which never go higher than 20 meters. But, to become such a giant, all life in the valley was absorded into the body of Orrem, even his family, the girl he always loved and all the villagers, including strangers who hearded the story of the bloomed tree as a monument for a lord who recently die from unknow cause.

Orrem never asked to be giant, but to live a great life. He got what he wanted before the curse: the young lady he loves, appreciation from his father and his village and a feeling of glory by making the project of a bloomed three.

The story of Orrem Mörra is a important part of the story of the Blades of the mountains, because he will be part of the legend, as he is already one.

PS: Orrem was stroke by lightning once.

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