jeudi 23 mars 2017

Dragon des mers

52 meters long, the Sea Dragon is an evolved species of shark according to some biologists.

Their skin is thick. The top is darker to camouflage with the depth bellow, while their belly is pale to fade in the sunlight of the day.
Their eyes are large and heavy, surprisingly hard too.
They have 8 flippers, 4 large and 4 minor. The «tails» on the large flippers are covered in Ampullae of Lorenzini to sens electricity, like their shark ancestors.

Carnivorous (duh), it preys on titanic whale, 10 times bigger than him, but hunt small animals for an easy meal most of the time. The Sea Dragons doesn't sleep. It does hunt in the depth during daytime and patrol near the surface during the night.

The Sea Dragon has one of the strongest muscles of any animal. Its tail can inflict a dangerous knock to the boats. Its jaws can reach a pressure of 10 000 psi. In comparaison, the saltwater crocodile has a bite force of 7700 psi.

The Sea Dragons give birth to live youngs. The father and mother both care for their youngs, a behavior surprising concidering their lineage.
Gestation of one Sea Dragon take around 2 years, during which the mother will be relatively calm and cautious, while the father will be extremely agressive.
When the young Sea Dragons are born, the mother become protective and the father seem more «chill» compare to its previous state of behavior.

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