dimanche 25 octobre 2015

Two pictures of ships: Blue Eagles and War Axe class ship type-02

 Human vehicle for aeral fights and interception. Can reach Mach 3 and stay still in the airs. It is mainly use by colonies for their great autonomy, range of use, versatility and most of all: they are nice legendary birds!

WAR AXE CLASS (type-02)
One of the most odd looking ship of the human armada, the War Axe class ship (divided in 5 different types) is a major war ship. Easier to build than traditionnal long horizontal ship, the vertical ships are made for war and have not the best carring capabilities. Their powerful shield can be focus on the front to, according to legal tactical action of the catalogues of the MUHS, ''cut all the sons of the b***** in half'', or by using more proper words, ram ennemy ships and slide them. Thought, the target has to be fin enough. Massive ships with a more bulky structures are no match.
At least, the War Axe class is agile and a few can out manoeuvers even the biggest.
Problem is, this ship doesn't offer as much inside space as it looks, as having people on the extreme would be risky when tilting the ship

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