lundi 28 septembre 2015


This vehicle is a old class used by the MUHS. Even though some factories do produce variants of this versetile transport, it is mainly used by pirates, civilians and some patrol units on many colonies.

The MT-41-BA was manly used during the 37th and first half of the 40th century. Cargo capacity allow to transport a great deal of marchandises or many people for expeditions or commando missions. During its prime, the MT-41 was nicknamed the «baby warship» because of its resistance and firepower, even though many MT-41-BA were deprived of their arment after their decommission.

The MT-41-BA is 35 meters long, powered by low consuption engine and can navigate in atmospheric environment and space, even though it is not advice to drive it in the vacuum of space.

MT-41-BA can be modified at the extreme. The good conception of any MUHS ships and every ships legally in circulation allow those kind of cargo gunship to live half a milennia if maintenance is well executed.

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