dimanche 21 juin 2015

Vouteau (Spider knife)

The Vouteau (Spider knife) is a 40 centimeters long knife. It has retractable blades on its edges for a devastating effect. This weapon is also very efficient at cutting, able to slice sheets of metal and even penetrate steel if the plasma cut mode is activated.
This is also a weapon largely used by the pirates and terrorist factions, though not uncommun amongs the warriors of the MUHS.

Though really impracticale for standart use like a real knife or sword, the little blades are pressed against the main blade normally. When inside target, they spray out and cause massive internal damage.

The main purpose of the little blades is also to guide the plasma ark created around the main blade.
MUHS does not support the use of spider knife, becase it's not a elegant weapon.
This is the V2 spider knife: the one the warriors of MUHS use.

Meanwhile, the V3 is a sword for murder. The most efficient of all.

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